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Our goal is to be a profit center for our clients.

Bookkeeping Strengths: Visibility, Communication and Finding Missed Opportunities.

Does tax season stress you out? Scrambling to get receipts and statements together come tax time? Getting the most tax advantage strategies available to you? We believe bookkeeping is more than data entry. For NW Premier, we pride ourselves in finding missed opportunities, thinking creatively, bringing true visibility within your business and most importantly, top notch communication.

We truly believe bookkeeping is more than just data entry. Good bookkeeping should be giving people true insight and visibility of their business. With our bookkeeping services, we truly become a partner with our clients. We have constant communication with our clients and provide monthly Profit and Loss Statements. At the end of each month our bookkeepers contact our clients asking questions to get the most out of their deductions.

From our creative tax backgrounds and primary focus on realtors/independent contractors, our bookkeepers know exactly what to look for when it comes to  business expenses. With tracking our clients books month to month, we also can become a guide
to the transition from Sole Prop to S-Corp.

We also pride ourselves in finding missed opportunities. We have vetted hundreds of CPA’s over the years and have found the ones that think creatively like us. We execute creative tax strategies with our clients month to month inside our bookkeeping and never
play in the gray area. Our promise is to have a perfect set of books prepared and ready for your CPA or one of our preferred CPA’s to file by each tax season.

We want to be an asset and a profit center for our clients.

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