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Our goal is to be a profit center for our clients.

Bookkeeping Strengths: Visibility, Communication and Finding Missed Opportunities.

At NW Premier, our bookkeeping services go beyond data entry. We aim to provide valuable insights and visibility into your business. With regular communication and monthly Profit and Loss Statements, we work closely with you to maximize deductions and optimize your finances. Our bookkeepers, specializing in realtors and independent contractors, understand your unique needs. We guide you through transitions, such as moving from Sole Prop to S-Corp, and proactively identify missed opportunities. We collaborate with like-minded CPA partners to execute creative tax strategies, always staying within the legal boundaries. Our commitment is to deliver a pristine set of books, ready for your CPA or one of our trusted partners to file come tax season, making us a true asset and profit center for your business.

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Monthly reconciliations and financial reports (P&L)
  • Scorp guidance and salary tracking (We do not do payroll but will help get it set up correctly etc)
  • Help prepare for quarterly/annual tax bills
  • Creative tax strategies for monthly expenses
  • Annual set of clean books ready for your CPA
  • Access to our team for any questions that might come up throughout the year and responses back within 48 hours. (Deducting vacations etc)
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group
  • Software subscriptions to QuickBooks Online

Not quite ready to hire us full time but still want to set yourself up for success?

With our NW Premier Starter Package, we will implement our systems and standards and teach you our process on top notch bookkeeping. This package will set you up for success until you’re ready to have us on full time.

Does tax season stress you out? Scrambling to get receipts and statements together come tax time? With NW Premier, you can finally feel confident in your business finances.

“From increased accuracy and efficiency to greater flexibility and expertise, there are many reasons to consider NW Premier for your financial needs.”

Our goal is to be a profit center for our clients. The average 1099 independent contractor that works with us gets a 10% raise just from our tax strategies alone. We pride ourselves in communication, bringing visibility to your business and finding missed opportunities.

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