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The Financial Blueprint for Real Estate Agents

Our Book

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You know how real estate agents love making money but hate overpaying taxes?

We do too! That’s why we created the The Financial Blueprint for Real Estate Agents.

This book is full of secrets, Unveiling how top-producing agents keep more of their hard-earned money.

We wrote this book to provide practical advice and strategies for setting up your business, reducing your taxes, managing your finances and lighting a new fire under your ass.

Inside, you’ll discover ways to create a wildly efficient business. You’ll learn about the roles of a business owner, tax planning, financial tracking, income protection, business planning and more. Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, The Financial Blueprint for Real Estate Agents will help you take control of your finances and give you the confidence to make optimal financial decisions over and over again.

Packed with real-world examples and expert insights, this book is a must-read for any real estate agent who is serious about their growth and financial future.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today so you can start keeping more of your hard-earned money!

Meet the Authors

Nathan Ganz recruited Mike Ross to work in financial services as a part of his team. After just two years of working together, they decided to go venture into the world of business ownership.

The firm they previously worked for highly encouraged them to work with small to mid-sized business owners. It didn’t take long for them to learn that business owners hate paying taxes. So, in a quest to free up cash flow for their services, the journey to learn all about taxes began. The idea was, if they could find the money and make their services free, who wouldn’t want their help?

Since their tax strategies had a positive impact with their bigger clients, they became curious about how their tax strategies would work for smaller businesses. Their thought was simple: if these strategies work for people who have a lot of help, they wondered what the impact would be to independent contractors who might have never been exposed to this level of planning.

Thankfully, the results were massive. In fact, the average real estate agent who uses their creative strategies gets a 10% take-home raise, net of their fees. The bookkeeping department was born out of a need for accountability. Their real estate agent clients loved their tax ideas but had a difficult time executing. So naturally, they provided a creative solution.

Today Mike and Nathan have spoken to thousands of real estate agents and have clients from coast to coast. They get an unhealthy amount of joy seeing their clients succeed. They live for that “aha” moment when everything changes.

This book is the culmination of hundreds of classes over the last decade. Thousands of agents have heard them speak and have paved the way for this business and book to exist.

Mike and Nathan co-own NW Premier based out of Vancouver, WA. Their mission is to be the go-to, trusted, financial advocates for real estate agents all over the country.

Love making money but hate overpaying taxes?​