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Business Planning

Starting a business, growing a business, exiting the business

There are really 3 tiers to Business Planning.

If investors are needed, we know how to speak their language. 

Have a business idea and don’t know where to start? Have you plateaued in your business and don’t know how to break it? Want to expand your business but don’t know how? Think you need investors and want their attention? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is probably time we meet. If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it every time. We will stress test your idea or current plans to see how we can get you to the next level.

Starting a business

Typically when people start a business they have visions, ideas, and are thinking of a million things to do or how to do them. Before they get to far ahead of themselves we want to first make sure the business idea is worth pursuing and potentially profitable. We start with a brainstorming session where our clients unload every idea, thought, question, dream, vision, no matter how wild they think it may be. We want to get everything out so we can start going to work and putting it all together. We will ask questions to really get our clients minds opening up to endless possibilities and ideas. We then go to work. We will provide a market analysis, one year financial projections, an executive summary, viability study and a basic pro forma. If funding it needed we will provide options and projections to help with funding. At the end of this our clients will have a complete guide to success and steps to make it happen.

Growing/expanding a business 

When a business is ready to go to the next level, whether that is hiring employees, franchising or borrowing/raising capital it’s better to learn from others who have made mistakes and learned from them than to go in blind and hope it works out. Hope is not a financial plan for us. We will go through marketing analysis, strategy and design, a detailed pro forma, business entity structure stress test, investment requirements, pitch decks, 3 year financial projections and a detailed profit and loss statement. We have experts on our team who have been through the ups and downs of owning multiple businesses, raising millions and dissolving companies strategically.

Succession Planning 

When people start a company, they usually have an end goal in mind. It may be to sell the company or to keep it as a cash cow. Regardless, the more time we have to plan the exit, the more strategic and tax advantage we can be. We will ask the questions to really get our clients thinking about how they want to leave the business. We then get to work and make sure that we take as many variables of it not working off the table. We leverage multiple experts such as business attorneys, business valuators, CPA’s and bring them together to build as much as a full proof plan as possible

Case Studies

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