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Case Study

Retail Start Up

Client Demographic: Retail, 1 year
Revenue: $1,000,000+
Client Concerns: Client was growing too quickly and needed to get organized. Had multiple investors interested in their business and needed guidance with determining healthy business partnerships. Determining if and how to raise capital without giving up too much equity.


  • Bookkeeping

Our Solutions:

We created a customized business plan with recommendations and standard operating procedures from inventory to security to investments. This lengthy document provided them with step by step instructions of how to grow their business and keep more of their equity.


Client was able to create major profitability without giving up any unnecessary equity. The financial impact of not giving up too much equity will be a tremendous windfall. We cleaned up their books including a very complicated process to determine the owner’s tax basis. Their team was trained and took back over the books as they needed full time help due to a significant volume of transactions. We also negotiated on their behalf with potential investors and attorneys to ensure they were receiving the best possible outcomes.


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