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Mike Ross

Co-Owner/ Marketing & Sales

Mike was adopted from Peru by Canadian parents and moved to the states at 9 years old. Growing up he learned the value of money hay bailing in summers. Waking up at 4am and working until 10am helped him realize the value of money and time. While in school, Mike remembers getting magazines for foreclosed homes and always wanted to know how houses could be going 2 for 1. This started his desire to understand how real estate and money work. Mike graduated from WSU in 2016 after working full time and going to school part time. With a BA in marketing and a minor in sales, he looked for a company to teach him about real estate, business and money. After interviewing  over 15 companies he found his home with Nathan Ganz and co-founded NW Premier. Mike’s son is his driving force to continue to educate himself, build and maintain a solid reputation in our community, truly building a legacy for his son. He hopes his son will take his efforts to heart or even take over one day. Mike truly believes the more money you make, the more you give back.

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